Legal function of an enterprise faces an uphill task of keeping track of new and existing notices / cases. With judiciary system getting stricter, it is important for an enterprise to automate it’s legal processes to avoid disruption to business and have effective mechanism towards:

  • Managing 100’s and 1000’s of courts & tribunals
  • Multiple notices / case types with complex procedures
  • Hard copy document storage
  • Manual reports
  • Lack of automated escalations / real-time alerts

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eFACiLiTY® is a modular facilities management system that works together with your business and allows day-to-day management of the processes, automates operations, provides a management dashboard for critical analysis and enables enterprise wide control in the most intelligent and efficient way.

Facility management is an interdisciplinary integration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop the maintenance and care of a building/facility and its assets, people, place and processes.

The major challenge facility owners face is reducing energy consumption during the operational phase, create an optimal environment for the occupants, preservation of the infrastructure & assets, security, etc.

The key role of Facility Management is to coordinate and oversee the safe, secure and efficient functioning of a business’ day-to-day operations.

The primary activities of Facility Management include the care of air conditioning, electric power, plumbing and lighting systems; cleaning, grounds-keeping and security.

These duties are considered as non-core/support services as they do not serve as the primary business of the owner organization/facility and bare huge costs for its operation.

This is like an ERP for Facility Management companies to have complete control on processes and services. Our product addresses and automates the facility’s overall functional processes, simplifying the operations and monitors through integration with other technical devices in the building – providing “end-user satisfaction” in most cost effective manner.

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Our e-Contract Lifecycle Management enables you to effectively manage the various stages of contracting right from contract creation through its execution. With our e-contract manager, analyze contracts at all levels, maximize operational and financial performance and minimize the perpetual risks which may occur as a result of inability to view performance trends of multiple contracts managed by your firm. Our e-Contract Manager pans the entire Life Cycle of a contract from authoring, negotiation, approval to storing / repository, compliance management and renewal / termination. In addition our e-Contract Manager provides you with flexible reporting and supplier performance tracking. Implementing. CLM can lead to significant improvements in cost savings and efficiency. Understanding and automating CLM can also limit organizational liability and increase compliance with legal requirements.

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Range of PDF Solutions

ESS: A complete communication management solution which provides Banking, Telecom, Insurance, Manufacture, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Supply Chain & Logistic, IT & ITES Domain Companies with the ability to create and customize statements in a variety of Paper or Electronic Media formats and deliver them via the medium that is most convenient to their customers.

ESS enables an organization to process various business functions electronically from the control panel viz., e-statements, e-billing & payments, e-invoicing, e-analysis & print. Statements can be Consolidated or Individual, across all Products and Services.

Digi-sign Solution: A unique solution which allows signatory a freedom to sign his documents as per his convenience. Cost efficient solution gives an Organization / Bank more value in saving precious time of their superiors while they are on move.

UniPDF© is a product from the “UniCLE – Universal Conversion Language En- gine” family of products. A unique solution which allows users to do on-the-fly translation of their English PDF documents in various languages.

Existing English PDF documents can be translated to any Indian Regional or foreign languages supported by Content based Dictionary and a Home grown Transliteration Engine.

It does not require carrying out any changes in existing documents or its respective templates or formats to convert PDF documents into multilingual PDF documents.



  • PDF forms made available in Editable format for data entry and encrypted, re-saved before
  • Form can be saved many times before sending to allow convenience
  • Validations of Field by type of data or logical fields
  • Applicable sections highlighted for appropriate category of individuals
  • Auto highlight of next logical field on selection of option
  • Complex rules can be defined for selection of supporting documents
  • Document saved in PDF only if all form is filled up with required data after clearing validations
  • Works off line and can be sent thru email
  • Direct typing on document without printing
  • Document send facility by email or to landing page of sender
  • Data from the Saved and encrypted form can be read and submitted in the required format to desired data storage for integration in the required


  • Ensures correct data is entered enabling quicker acceptance
  • Ensures acceptance of forms and quick response
  • Eliminates printing and handwriting to fill up the form
  • Eliminates physical posting and saves cost
  • Ensures correct responses and subsequent actions are in accordance with required norms
  • Eliminates Dependency of Internet Connectivity
  • Eliminates bandwidth consumption while filling up form
  • Prompt reconciliation of data from forms with required data

iPDF© provides Telecom, Banking, Insurance domain Companies with the ability to create and customize statements in a variety of paper or electronic media formats and deliver them via the medium that is most convenient to their customers. Complete communication management system.

All the data in the PDF is shown in a single page (single page presentation). User doesn’t need to scroll through any data. To go to any section of the PDF user only needs to click the hyperlinks displayed in the page. (Hyper link can be a Menu, a Button or a Link). High performance generation speed (2-3 lac doc per hr in 2 core server).

PDF Commenting: A unique solution which allows users to do workflow base PDF document commenting across various users. User can put their comments, annotation, tack activities, task management and task tracking.

Benefits of PDF Commenting Solution:

  • Centralized implementation to reducing TAT leading to savings on resources
  • No print required till final approvals on PDF documents
  • Save paper and ink and manual activities at each stage including reworks
  • Reduced logistics: Centralized solution ensures availability anywhere anytime without client-side tool. All upgrades and updates of tools made instantly available
  • Tracking: Inbuilt tracking of activities of the solution via email to named stakeholders ensures awareness of system usage and
  • Faster maintenance TAT: Remote monitoring & rectification ensures reduction in TAT and greater Up-times.
  • Access control ensures only legitimate users can access the system to make changes
  • Scalable solution: Helps Enhance and optimize performance to desired levels

A unique solution which allows users to do on-the-fly translation of their English Document/Screen in various languages (Indian Regional or Foreign Language) supported by Contextual based Dictionary without carrying out any changes in existing or its respective templates or formats to convert Document/Screen into multilingual/Bilingual Document/Screen.