• Are you able to manage & track your staff’s productivity efficiency?
  • Does the Brand DMS allow you to capture & track VAS / VAL offered by you independently?
  • Does the Brand DMS allow you to follow your own standards & processes for your growth?
  • Are you able to maintain your own customer database and add upon third party database that you buy?
  • Are you allowed to retain your own customer database once you discontinue with existing dealership?
  • Do you have an automated process of Call Due V/s Call Done & Call Status to measure CRE / Relationship Manager’s efficiency?
  • Are you able to effectively generate ZeroDep P&L?
  • Are you able to manage non-brand pre-owned cars from the Brand DMS?


If not, AutoSHAK® has the all the answers for you. Once implemented and used effectively, ROI is achieved within 6 months*. It’s real time dashboard helps you to manage and improve productivity efficiency, VAS renewals, and vehicle status to name a few. For further discussions and demo write to us on sales@smartites.com