SRM (CRM for the Service Industry)

Today, services have more relevance than sales. A good product may not get required acceptance by customers at large due to untimely, and inadequate services as well as effective feedback. Lack of service history information with service centers does not go well with them.

In addition, service centers are no longer considered “Cost Centers” but “Profit Centers” as they are expected to generate revenues from customers as well. All these have made service center role an important one in the success story of a Product be it a Desktop, TV, Vehicle, or similar products.

In order to automate process of a Service Center, we have developed “Service CRM”. It provides an excellent platform to manage appointments, define service(s) needed, identify type of service (Repairs / Maintenance), type of service category (warranty / extended warranty / AMC) etc.

It has provision to capture “service sales” at the service center supported by detailed dashboard and reports to evaluate daily progress and analyze information on service TAT and cross selling opportunities.

Our product is suited for all kinds of service center, though currently it is running successfully in number of automobile service centers.

To know more about our product, request for a demo on sales@smartites.com


  • Are you able to manage & track your staff’s productivity efficiency?
  • Does the Brand DMS allow you to capture & track VAS / VAL offered by you independently?
  • Does the Brand DMS allow you to follow your own standards & processes for your growth?
  • Are you able to maintain your own customer database and add upon third party database that you buy?
  • Are you allowed to retain your own customer database once you discontinue with existing dealership?
  • Do you have an automated process of Call Due V/s Call Done & Call Status to measure CRE / Relationship Manager’s efficiency?
  • Are you able to effectively generate ZeroDep P&L?
  • Are you able to manage non-brand pre-owned cars from the Brand DMS?


If not, AutoSHAK® has the all the answers for you. Once implemented and used effectively, ROI is achieved within 6 months*. It’s real time dashboard helps you to manage and improve productivity efficiency, VAS renewals, and vehicle status to name a few. For further discussions and demo write to us on sales@smartites.com <mailto:sales@smartites.com>