RECHECK – Document & Image Verification Suite of Products

Uses AI, ML and advanced algorithms to give you “all-in-one” image
management usability

  • Store and Retrieve images in DMS
  • Analyze images for digital forgery
  • Compare images for duplicates
  • Compare hand writing
  • Compare ink, print and fonts
  • Extract text in more than 60 languages from within the images
  • Extract text in more that 40 languages from the hand written text
  • Identify and Extract object labels from within the images
  • Use RPA capabilities to auto process the images
  • Form based exytreaction for structured (IT Returns, Form 16 etc.) and semi-structured documents ( Invoices, Bills, Purcahse Orders, Pass
    books, Bank statements, Balance Sheets, P&L accounts etc.)
  • Extraction fron OVD (Aadhaar, PAN, Voter Card, Passport, Driving
    License etc.)
  • KYC process automation (Comparison of Photographs, data etc.)
  • Aadhaar Redacting as per RBI guidelines

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Legal function of an enterprise faces an uphill task of keeping track of new and existing notices / cases. With judiciary system getting stricter, it is important for an enterprise to automate it’s legal processes to avoid disruption to business and have effective mechanism towards:

  • Managing 100’s and 1000’s of courts & tribunals
  • Multiple notices / case types with complex procedures
  • Hard copy document storage
  • Manual reports
  • Lack of automated escalations / real-time alerts

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eFACiLiTY® is a modular facilities management system that works together with your business and allows day-to-day management of the processes, automates operations, provides a management dashboard for critical analysis and enables enterprise wide control in the most intelligent and efficient way.

Facility management is an interdisciplinary integration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop the maintenance and care of a building/facility and its assets, people, place and processes.

The major challenge facility owners face is reducing energy consumption during the operational phase, create an optimal environment for the occupants, preservation of the infrastructure & assets, security, etc.

The key role of Facility Management is to coordinate and oversee the safe, secure and efficient functioning of a business’ day-to-day operations.

The primary activities of Facility Management include the care of air conditioning, electric power, plumbing and lighting systems; cleaning, grounds-keeping and security.

These duties are considered as non-core/support services as they do not serve as the primary business of the owner organization/facility and bare huge costs for its operation.

This is like an ERP for Facility Management companies to have complete control on processes and services. Our product addresses and automates the facility’s overall functional processes, simplifying the operations and monitors through integration with other technical devices in the building – providing “end-user satisfaction” in most cost effective manner.

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Our e-Contract Lifecycle Management enables you to effectively manage the various stages of contracting right from contract creation through its execution. With our e-contract manager, analyze contracts at all levels, maximize operational and financial performance and minimize the perpetual risks which may occur as a result of inability to view performance trends of multiple contracts managed by your firm. Our e-Contract Manager pans the entire Life Cycle of a contract from authoring, negotiation, approval to storing / repository, compliance management and renewal / termination. In addition our e-Contract Manager provides you with flexible reporting and supplier performance tracking. Implementing. CLM can lead to significant improvements in cost savings and efficiency. Understanding and automating CLM can also limit organizational liability and increase compliance with legal requirements.

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